MNG Jet manages Turkey's largest private and/or commercial jet fleet on behalf of global operators. With the complete plane management program, MNG Jet offers turnkey service solutions which are comfortable, free from the complications and stresses of daily flight operations. With many years of experience, MNG Jet Management Services takes care of aviation legislation compliance, plane maintenance coordination, recruitment and efficient operation issues for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

MNG Jet offers higher efficiency with lower costs and provides a round the clock comfortable experience for global operations with a competent team of experts. MNG Jet offers customized services for plane owners and operators including a vast portfolio including international and domestic flight planning, flight personnel, line operations, maintenance services, insurance, accounting and administrative services.

Within the scope of a flight support agreement with MNG Jet, flight departments and pilots can select the best services for their specific needs.

MNG Jet perfectly combines its vast experience in the industry with the expertise to provide a comfortable experience for its customers on buying, selling, expertise, financing and plane registry procedures. MNG Jet also offers plane maintenance and technical acceptance services to allow its customers to enjoy their jets by safely managing the relevant processes.