Aircraft Management Services

MNG Jet manages largest  fleet  of privately and/or commercially aircraft registered in Turkey on behalf of private, business  owners worldwide.

By MNG Jet’s full aircraft management turnkey program, aircraft owners are provided the comfort and convenience of not having to deal with the complexities of day-to-day flight operations.

MNG Jet  aircraft management services allows you to enjoy all the benefits of ownership without any problem.

MNG Jet  take care of complex matters such as aviation legislation compliance, aircraft maintenance coordination, staff recruitment, and productive aircraft operation.

MNG Jet  services provide you with lower costs and greater efficienciency. Our dedicated team of management professionals are available 24 hours, 365 days a year, and will ensure the smooth operation of your aircraft worldwide.

 MNG Jet offers aircraft owners and operators customized aircraft management solutions, designed to suit their individual needs. The services include in-house international and domestic flight planning and scheduling, flight crew staffing, line operations and maintenance services as well as insurance, accounting and administrative services. Under a flight support agreement with MNG Jet, flight departments and pilots can select support services best suited to meet their specific needs. 

MNG Jet can help clients evaluate, purchase or sell aircraft, assist with financing and in simplifying aircraft registration. It can also assist with completions supervision and technical acceptance of aircraft.



Enjoy the convenience of owning your aircraft while letting us safely manage your asset.